I’m an Economist and Statistician at Kohelet Economic Forum.
I mostly do empirical work, my primary research interests are Labor Economics, Data Science, Economics of Conflict, Health Economics, Economics of Israel and Economic History.

I’m a member of The Israeli Economic History Association and Midaat, an NGO dedicated to promoting public health via evidence based medicine and practices.

Check out the blog my wife and I write together: The Artist & the Merchant, where we discuss economics, statistics and other aspects of social sciences with illustrations. (Hebrew)

Check out the podcast I host my with my collegues Itay Cishnevsky and Ori Katz : Creative Destruction, where we have talks with leading economists and other social scientists in Israel. (Hebrew)

Contact me at: karlinsky@gmail.com.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Other Publications

Work in Progress

  • Ariel Karlinsky & Nissan Avraham. Taxation, Transfer Payments and Extended Income in Israel. Kohelet Working Paper. (Hebrew)

  • Ariel Karlinsky. Transitory and Permanent Poverty in Israel. Kohelet Working Paper. (Hebrew)

  • Ariel Karlinsky. Attrition in the Israeli Longitudinal Dataset. CBS Working Paper. (Hebrew)

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